Toys for the couple

In a collective imagination, a sex toy is commonly seen as the ideal companion for solo pleasure. Lately however – due to the pandemic that has both separated couples or given more time together – many people are realizing how vibrators can be an amazing tool to spice up things in a couple, inside and outside of bed.

The benefits of using a sex toy with your partner are not just having great sex, breaking the routine and have new experiences. For couples who have been together for quite a while, sex toys can add some spice into the relationship and reawaken passion (laughter and irony) creating a new level of intimacy, pushing away boredom of everyday life.

If you just started dating, using a sex toy can be a clear way to make your partner understand what you want and discover what drives him/her crazy. There’s no better way to hit it off. It is also well known that most women do not have an orgasm only through penetration (you are not alone!) and that’s why sex toys that stimulate the clitoris are the perfect allies for pleasure.

If you’re thinking about buying a sex toy to use it with your partner but you are not sure which one to buy or you don’t know how to talk about it, Valentine’s day is the perfect occasion to just do it and gift it as present. We’re sure that is going to be appreciated more than a chocolate box.

Here below we want to give you some advices.

To await a pleasure is itself a pleasure?

Flippy II is the vibrating egg from Intense, it comes with a wireless remote control that the partner can use up to 10 mt away that activates different intensities of vibration. You can use it during sex, but you can play with it even when you’re outside, to create the desire of wanting to come back home…or wherever you prefer. Moreover once inserted, the hypoallergenic egg will slowly began to heat, giving you intense pleasure.

Not the usual rose

If it is true that almost most women love to receive flowers, then you cannot miss this rose: Mia Rose is a suction clitoris sex toy made in hypoallergenic silicone, soft to the touch and very easy to carry around, since its tiny dimensions. Elegant design and orgasm guaranteed thanks to the 10 different speed levels and to its 90 minutes of autonomy.

From Japanese Erotic Tradition

In a collective imagination, Japan and Eros have always been connected. And “Carnal Pleasure” erotic creams and oils kit (Shunga) take inspiration from the rising sun country. Shungas were illustrations of erotic scenes that were very popular between 1600 and 1800 in Japan, they were both appreciated for the artistical value and for being sex manual for young couples and prostitutes. The kit is a bite – in some cases literally- of a wide range of oils and creams for massage use, oral sex and they are also used to amplify the sensibility in erogenous zones. A wild trip to pleasure land.

…see all shunga products

Bdsm starter pack

A very common fantasy is the one of being dominant or being submissive, a fantasy that now can become true thanks to the Experience Bdsm Fetish Kit. If you are a beginner or a pro in this field, this kit will give you all you need to live your fantasy: a whip, handcuff, mask, nipple tweezers, 5mt long rope and more- all available in a bright red leather.

Take control

Most women love to take control when in bed and submiss their partner: a very exciting transgression that you can put into practice with a strap-on: a dildo hooked to some lashing that you put on your waist to penetrate your partner. Beyond the classic ones, there are some kinds that can make this experience very pleasant for both, thanks to the vibrating function and/or a plug to insert into the vagina or the anus of whomever wears the belt.

Rabbit – How to use it

The best present you can gift to your friend is an orgasm.” Eva Longoria stated it a few years ago, when she unveiled which is the present that she loves to gift the most to her friends: a rabbit vibrator.

After discovering it herself – as she mentioned “too late”- Longoria couldn’t do without it and decided it to “spread the word”.

Why did Eva – and millions of women around the world- get so obsessed with it? It’s pretty clear: it’s the fact that the Rabbit can stimulate both clitoris and the “G-spot” at the same time, making it the sex toy’s first choice for women.

Rabbit are built with a longer body that goes inside the vagina (or even in the anus) and a shorter piece which is composed by two other parts that are the ones that will stimulate the clitoris and the ones that remind of bunny ears.


If you finally decided that it is time for you to join the rabbit fanclub, in this article you will find some tips that will help you choose which model is the right for you based on your taste and you’re your willingness to experiment new positions.

Fun fact: the iconic shape that gave the name Rabbit to this sex toy, was created accidentally. In the 80’s an American company designed a vibrator with a multiple function, entrusting the production to a Japanese company. In the rising sun country, some little care had to be done due to some laws regarding vulgarity, that is the reason why sex toys were created with bright colors and different shapes that reminded of animals: turtles, kangaroos and of course rabbits. The rabbit became the most popular one.

A few decades later, the rabbit became the protagonist in a Sex & The City (foto) episode: Miranda borrows her vibrator to Charlotte, whom never leaves the house again (why is she supposed to do that, if she can constantly have an orgasm?). The rest is history!

Meanwhile, the range of rabbits available on the market is ever-growing: you can pick whatever shape you want. Down below we will suggest you some models, but keep in mind that in order to avoid infections is very important to keep them clean (this applies to every sex toy) with specific products and sterilizers. It is also recommended to use a water-based lubricant to maximize the pleasure during your rabbit sessions!


Never used a rabbit before? We suggest you an essential model but with a very elegant design like Katelyn from Inspire. Made in hypoallergenic silicone, it has a curved shape studied to optimize the G-Spot stimulation, with a soft and flexible appendix created for the clitoris. The best part you might ask? Katelyn is also waterproof: now you don’t have any more excuses and you can get in the bathtub to give yourself a well-deserved me time.


Are you a lover of sex toys that guarantee you a double stimulation, but at the same time you are also looking for something new? Dustin from Amoressa not only is created to reach through penetration the A-Spot (located in a higher spot from the G-Spot, between the front vagina wall and the cervix back), but instead of having the classic ears, it has a part that sucks in the clitoris. It comes with 12 different intensities (yes, you’ve read well: T W E L V E)

Estuard from Intense has a mobile head that you can adjust to reach every sensitive area of your vagina. And while you’re exploring unknown areas thanks to the 4 rotation modes and 12 vibration modes, you can also turn on the rabbit to stimulate the clitoris.


In its mini version, rabbit can be brought anywhere! The Roger Rabbit version of Intense is 9 cm long and it’s absolutely quiet: it’s perfect to put into your bag for a business trip, a weekend getaway or just for a quick break from monday’s way too long meeting… you can play with it even with your partner, using the surprise effect.


The Rabbit was designed to stimulate the G-Spot and the clitoris at the same time, so this is the most common use for it. You can lay down, stand up or stay on your knees; keeping the vibrator inside the vagina or push it inside and outside (to alternate the pressure on the clitoris) … it’s up to you to discover what works the best. If you’re fan of anal sex or you just want to experiment something new, you can use the rabbit inserting it inside your anus (slowly, using the lubricant) and let the ears stimulate the surrounding area.

Menstrual cup – How to use and size guide

Convenient, ecofriendly and handy: these are the main reasons that push more and more women to use the menstrual cup instead of pads. It might happen after having read an article about it or because a friend suggested it to you with enthusiasm, but we can say that it gets easier and easier to convince women to try it. Although it may seem like a recent invention, the first menstrual cup prototype was actually invented by Leona Chalmers in 1937 but it started becoming popular after decades.

If the advantages of the menstrual cup are already pretty clear, it doesn’t mean that we do not have questions before purchasing it. Usually, the most asked ones are the followings: Which size should I choose? How does it work?

In this article you will find the answers you’ve been looking for!


Menstrual cup is a small, flexible silicone device that collects menstrual flow, avoiding leakages. It has to be inserted right under the cervix (below we will explain how to do it) and it adheres to the walls of your vagina creating the necessary suction seal that will allow you to move freely without worrying about blood leakages.


Each brand has two or three different cup sizes. Here below you will find the guidelines that will help you choose the one that is right for you. Keep in mind that the different brand sizes are not always comparable: in fact, the S size of one company might be the L size for another brand. This is the main reason why you should always check the product sizes in the description of the cup. Every body and   every vagina is different so it can take some time and practice before finding the cup that fits you perfectly.

  1. Age and Pregnancy

The first two criterias to take into consideration in order to choose the right menstrual cup size are age and pregnancy: both factors are relevant because they modify the muscle tone of the vagina walls.

  • Smaller sizes are for teens or young women under 30 and for those who did not gave birth
  • Bigger sizes are for women over 30 and for those who gave birth vaginally

It is still possible that young girls need a bigger cup or vice versa. You need to find what fits for you.

  1. Cervix Position

While choosing the menstrual cup size, particularly the length, we should take into account the positioning of the cervix, in other words the lower part of the uterus that is linked to the vagina. Cervix should always be above the menstrual cup so that it can collect blood.

During period, cervix tends to lower about 2-3 cm. Of course this can vary depending on each woman and for this reason it is highly recommended to measure the length of the vaginal canal during your period. But how can you do it?

While you’re on your period – of course after carefully washing your hands- insert the middle finger inside your vagina and push it towards the back part until you reach the cervix: you will get it because once you reach it you cannot go further. It’s like touching the tip of your nose.

Once you have done that, place the thumb from the same hand on the middle finger in order to mark how far you have inserted it into the vagina: now you can finally measure which is the length of your vaginal canal during period and pick the right length for your menstrual cup.

  1. Period Flow

Since there are different sizes, they can collect more or less flow: usually they go from 15-20ml for the small ones up to 40ml for the large ones.

You might think that menstrual cup can be chosen depending on the heaviness of the flow, but this has to be a secondary factor compared to what we previously discussed. Keep in mind that the menstrual cup can contain more liquid than a regular tampon, which contains 10-12ml.

Did you find the right size for you?

How can you be sure to purchase the right menstrual cup? It’s easy: you cannot be certain until you’ve tried it! Try to base your choice upon the instructions we gave you in this article and do not worry if you didn’t find the perfect cup immediately.

In order to guide you during your research, Stercup/Enjoy the Pleasure (TBD) created a menstrual cup kit containing sizes S+L, in this way you can try both of them and decide which size fits you better!

I purchased the menstrual cup: How should I use it?

After the purchase – and at the end of each period – the menstrual cup needs to be sterilized in a pot with boiling water for 3-5 minutes, making sure it doesn’t touch the bottom of the pot.

Just as for the choice of the right size, learning how to insert and extract the cup correctly, avoiding leakages, requires practice. You could start trying before the beginning of the period in order to practice on how it works.

How to insert a menstrual cup

Remember to wash your hands and the cup before inserting it.

At this point, fold the cup; there are many different techniques ranging from the Punch down fold and the C Fold (which are the most common) to the Tulip or the S one. With time you will acquire more skills and you will figure out which technique works the best for you. Remember that the cup must be folded until it is inserted correctly inside the vagina.

Before proceeding with inserting the cup, make sure your body is relaxed so find a comfortable position; you can sit on the toilet, squat or stand up lifting your leg on a step. You might want to use water or a water-based lubricant to make insertion easier (you can reuse the lubricant with your partner or while you’re playing with you sex toy)

Now you’re ready to insert the menstrual cup, folded like mentioned above. Once you release it, the cup will open up and will adhere to the vaginal walls, creating the necessary suction seal (you may hear a “pop” or a suction sound).

How can you make sure that the cup is in the right position? First of all, the base should be rounded and should not show sing of noticeable folds. If is this the case, grab the base of the cup – not the stem – and gently rotate it to make it unfold.

You can also try to gently pull the stem: if you feel resistance, it means that the suction seal has been created and the cup has been inserted correctly.  With time it gets easier and you will easily insert it even in extreme situations!


Wash your hands carefully and find a comfortable position where you can relax your body, otherwise you can feel pain or ailment. As for inserting it, you can sit on the toilet or stand up or squat.

Grab the cup at the base and then gently squeeze it or pull it downward with a zigzag movement so that the walls of the cup can bend a little and air can enter, releasing the suction seal and ease it out.

Do not pull directly from the stem because if you do not release the suction seal you can feel pain and/or break some capillary.

Once the cup is extracted, empty it out in the toilet or in the sink, rinse it and insert it back again. If you’re in a public bathroom without clean water, you can clean it with toilet paper or a wipe and then wash it at a later time.

If period is over, rinse it out and sterilize it in a boiling pot for 2-3 minutes – making sure that the cup doesn’t touch the bottom of the pot- and store it in its bag.

Are you ready to try it out? Select the size that fits you the best and start using it!